Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I Am So Ashamed

You haven't heard from me because I've been plowing through a series of adult mystery/thrillers that are not very well written but have hooked me nonetheless. I'm taking the attitude that I might as well bite the bullet and read them as fast as I can, sort of the way I bite the bullet and eat unhealthy leftovers as fast as I can. The sooner this stuff is gone, the sooner I can start living a better, nobler life.

I did just find an interesting article about literary weblogs. The article is full of links to weblogs I want to check out. Which will probably be another time killer for me.

I'm guessing that a lot of those links aren't of interest to child readers or kid lit folks. Maybe I'll do an Internet search for weblogs by and about children's writers and see if I can get it published somewhere.

No doubt that will be another way for me to waste a whole lot of time I don't really have.


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