Friday, February 06, 2004

Same Old, Same Old

I'm just checking in to make sure none of my legions of readers is worried that I've abandoned this blog. As usual, I am overwhelmed with work. I got Happy Kids! back from my editor yesterday. That means a major rewrite, which was no surprise. After that, I'm going to be revising the picturebook I may or may not have mentioned here into a chapter book for the very young. Prince Whiskers, as I've been calling it, is only a gleam in my eye--no contract or anything remotely like one. I'm reading at a library tomorrow and haven't picked out or practiced the material yet. I've nearly finished revising an essay I want to send off somewhere. And I'm supposed to be writing something for a writing group I belong to.

I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining, though I'm sure it sounds as if I am. But writing is work. It's more enjoyable than some kinds of work and less enjoyable than others. Though, I must say, a lot of the research and reading portions of my job I do while lying on a couch. It's hard to think of another job with work conditions like that.


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