Monday, October 23, 2006


The Guardian has an article on how novels by contemporary authors end up being taught at secondary schools in England.

When kidlit bloggers talk about reading lists and books used in classrooms, we're usually thinking about whether or not kids actually want to read these things. But the author of The Guardian article makes a very good point: If a book is picked up for use in classrooms, it's going to see a nice little boost in sales.

Man, I was so sure The Hero of Ticonderoga was going to be a favorite with teachers in Vermont and Connecticut because of all the historical material relating to those two states. So the historical material related to a man who cursed, drank, and couldn't hold a job. And was actually asked to leave his town. And got into trouble with the law. Surely it would have been instructive as a cautionary tale.

I guess not.


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