Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yesterday our so-called good computer, which has been holding on by a thread only because of my computer guy's skill, appeared to have given up the ghost. This wouldn't have been a major crisis, since I'm doing a study month. However, on Monday I have my first ever on-line chat with a school in Maine and the software was loaded on to the computer that appeared to be on its back with its feet in the air. I was frantically making plans to download the software onto another computer and get the materials on the people I'd be chatting with from...somewhere.

Well, Computer Guy passed his hands over the machine, and it appears to be working again. We will be loading up a laptop this weekend, just in case.

Geez. This was supposed to be easy.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Am Not Capable Of Learning

I am sure I must have done posts like this more than once in the five years I've been blogging. Once again, we're having computer problems at Chez Gauthier, and I haven't been backing up onto disks. My computer guy has been backing up once a week to an external hard drive, so things aren't as bad as they could be, but on Monday I thought I'd pretty much finished up a little 750 word project for a magazine submission. Of course, I didn't save it anywhere but on the hard drive of the computer I was working on. If I'm lucky, I'll have whatever I was working on last week from Computer Guy's stash. This week's Durand Cousins work is probably gone, too, though admittedly that wasn't much. I was all fired up for working on that today.

Computer Guy doesn't hold out much hope for retrieving much from the impaired machine. I'm only able to do this post because among the family members here this summer we have three computers with Internet access (plus a fourth up and running without it) but it was the good computer that came up with one of those terrifying messages like something that suddenly turns up in horror movies.

Actually, we're all taking this pretty well. I've got a couple of family members I would have expected to be gnashing their teeth and rending their clothes over this. They're so calm that I'm frightened. I'm worried I'll wake up in the night and find them out in the yard sobbing or howling at the moon.

Edited on 6/7 to remove incoherent rambling.