Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good Blog Reading Intentions

Sheila at Wands and Worlds tagged me with a meme that asks for nothing but the names of five nonkidlit blogs that I read. That seems pretty simple--and blog related--so here goes.

I definitely go to artsJournalpublishing every day. This isn't technically a blog. This page on publishing just looks like one. AJ has blogs elsewhere. I like this place because it directs me immediately to articles in other publications. I find lots of good stuff here, particularly book articles in British publications.

I still go to Blog of a Bookslut every day. This blog doesn't have as many offerings as it used to have because one of its contributors (Michael?) left. It still has frightening attitude.

I started going to BookLust because Patricia Storms was an illustrator who worked on children's books, and she's Canadian. I thought I should be paying attention to illustrators, plus I do try not to be ethnocentric. (I've got family members who will say there are other things I ought to be worrying about.) Storms does other types of illustration, and her blog turned out to be more general. She often makes me feel artie.

I started going to Bookseller Chick because I felt I should be paying more attention to marketing. I am a very weak marketer. Well, of course, very soon after I started visiting her blog, her store closed. Now I keep checking in to see what she's going to do. Will she get into publishing school? Will she take a temp job?

I occasionally skim Pub Rants, which is a literary agent's blog. Again, I am lousy at marketing, and I keep thinking going here will help. But I rarely have time to do much reading here. Marketing is always the thing I blow off when I'm strapped for time. If I have a choice between reading about the battle over Anna Nicole's baby and reading about marketing, I will always choose the kid.